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            Welcome to Witt Building Material Co

            Upon its establishment in 1914 by J.P. Witt, Witt Co. specialized in millwork type products and a planning mill operation. The company later made a broad expansion into a large line of building materials, and later into engineered wood products such as wood trusses. Witt pioneered the production and use of floor trusses in Tennessee.
            W.R. Witt, current president, is a 3rd generation owner operator of Witt Building Material Co. Inc. He has also enjoyed the growth and expansion of Witt’s two locations to better serve our customers.
            The store at 235 Dale Avenue in Knoxville, TN, serves the downtown area with a millwork shop and lumber yard.
            Witt operates a 10 acre site at 1242 Weisgarber Road with a Truss Shop and yard and a capacity to handle large quantities of lumber.
            Now, years later, Witt Building Material Co., Inc. has expanded further into engineered wood products with the wood I joist. Witt inventories a large line of Baldwin Brass Locks and Hardware, Schlage. We also inventory and install roofing products of various types.

            Building Materials


            • Framing Lumber
            • Hardwood Lumber
            • Custom Millwork
            • Fine Custom Molding
            • Treated Lumber
            • Redwood
            • Doors & Windows
            • Natural Select
            • Architectural
            • Hardware
            • Hand & Power Tools
            • Paint
            • Builders Hardware
            • Bath Accessories
            • Electrical Supplies
            • Trusses
            • Roofing Shingles
            • Cedar
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